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The Ministry of Transportation, Ontario (MTO) has completed the Planning, Preliminary Design and Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for the Highway 6 Little Current Swing Bridge located in the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands in Northeastern Ontario. 

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18 Jan 2023

Notice of Study Completion (Transportation Environmental Study Report Review)

Based on the findings of the Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study, a Recommended Plan has been identified that addresses the current and future transportation needs at the existing crossing. The Recommended Plan includes the replacement of the Little Current Swing Bridge with a new, through-truss swing bridge situated on a new alignment located approximately 80m west of the existing bridge. The new bridge will consist of two vehicular travel lanes (i.e., one lane in each direction), and a 1.5 m wide sidewalk, on the west side, for pedestrians/cyclists. A plan to appropriately commemorate the existing bridge will also be confirmed following this Class EA Study.

A summary of the study process, including the identification and evaluation of alternatives, the Recommended Plan, anticipated environmental impacts, proposed mitigation measures and consultation activities carried out as part of this study, has been documented within a Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR). A copy of the TESR is available for public review between January 25 and February 24, 2023

Interested persons may provide written comments to the study team by February 24, 2023

In addition, a request may be made to the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks for an order requiring a higher level of study (i.e., requiring an individual/comprehensive EA approval before being able to proceed), or that conditions be imposed (e.g., require further studies), only on the grounds that the requested order may prevent, mitigate, or remedy adverse impacts on constitutionally protected Aboriginal and treaty rights (i.e., Section 16 Order). Additional information regarding Section 16 Order requests is provided within the Notice of Study Completion.

07 Jan 2022

Heritage Impact Assessment

The existing Highway 6 Little Current Swing Bridge is the oldest and longest known example of a swing bridge within the province and has been identified by MTO as a Provincial Heritage Property of Provincial Significance (PHPPS) under section 25.2 of the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA). MTO must comply with the 2010 Standards and Guidelines for Conservation of Provincial Heritage Properties, (Standards and Guidelines) pursuant to Part III.1, section 25.2, of the OHA.  MTO must also adhere to the MTO’s Ontario Heritage Bridge Guidelines (Interim 2008) (OHBG).

MTO’s OHBG sets out eight conservation options that must be considered for its bridges. Under the Standards and Guidelines, removal or demolition of all or part of a provincial heritage property should be considered as a last resort, having considered all other alternatives, subject to Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) and community engagement. The Standards and Guidelines also requires the consent of the Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries be obtained prior to the demolition or removal of any building or structure located on a PHPPS.  

The Recommended Plan for this Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study includes the removal of the existing Highway 6 Little Current Swing Bridge, following construction of the new bridge. In accordance with provincial requirements MTO has prepared a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA), a study that documents how the conservation options were considered, identifies the impacts associated with the removal of the bridge, and recommends options and mitigation measures to reduce negative impacts and conserve cultural heritage value or interest. The HIA will also support MTO’s Request for the Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries’ consent and will guide next steps and the future of the existing bridge

At this time, MTO is requesting your input regarding the findings and recommendations documented in the HIA. An electronic copy of the HIA report is available for review upon request for a 30-day review period until February 7, 2022. Should you wish to review the HIA report, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned via email at [email protected]. It would be greatly appreciated if you could kindly provide any comments and/or feedback you may have to the undersigned by Monday, February 7, 2022

30 Mar 2021

Online Public Information Centre 3

Online Public Information Centre 3 is available for your review and comment. Please click the following image to view the presentation, or select the Documentation tab above to view the presentation and access additional online Public Information Centre 3 materials.

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Please note that the Online Public Information Centre 3 presentation has been recorded in Anishinaabemowin. Please find a link to the Anishnaabemowin presentation on the Documentation tab.

18 Mar 2021

Notice of Online Public Information Centre 3

A Notice of Online Public Information Centre 3 has been posted in local newspapers and distributed to property owners in the study area, Provincial and Federal Government Agencies, Municipalities, Indigenous communities, and stakeholders.