14 Aug 2020

News - Study Update

To date, two Public Information Centres (PICs) have been held as part of this study. The second PIC was held on July 17, 2019, and provided stakeholders, Indigenous communities, and the public with an opportunity to review the assessment of Alternatives to the Undertaking, the preliminary design alternatives, the proposed evaluation criteria and evaluation process, and to address questions or concerns directly with representatives of the project team. Following the second PIC, the project team has been reviewing input from stakeholders, Indigenous communities, and the public, and is in the process of evaluating alternative design concepts.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the third and final PIC has been delayed; however, it is anticipated that a preliminary preferred plan will be presented publicly in winter 2021. The project team has been and will continue to evaluate the feasibility of in-person presentations for the third PIC; however, the team may seek to present the materials online depending on physical distancing requirements at that time. Additional information regarding the third PIC will be provided on the project website as it becomes available.